This is the code for my 4x4x4 LED cube

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Arduino LED Cube

Created By Chris P.

This project is a cube of 64 LEDs that can be programmed to make all kinds of interesting animations and patterns! Its circuitry allows for LEDs to be individually addressed in the programming.

LED Cube

I have made an HTML/PHP program that utilizes checkboxes to write Arduino compatible code to light up LEDs. This program saves time, and is also pretty neat!


I have also added a Joystick and two pushbuttons as input devices that can be used in any way. I'm attempting to make Snake in 3D with the Joystick, but I hope to eventually publish this project as an open source kit.



Here's a video of me presenting my project.

Here's a video of the beginnings of the snake program.

System Operation Scheme

Bill of Materials